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Federal Textbooks PDF for all Classes

Class 1 to 12 FBISE Text Books 2024

Download Federal board FBISE textbooks 2024 in PDF from one class to intermediate level. All subjects text books for primary, middle, matric and inter level classes at a single platform.

Download Federal Textbooks PDF for All Classes and All Subjects
Download Federal Text Books PDF for All Classes and All Subjects

If you are in search of PDF text books 2024 by Federal Text Book Board (FBISE) & NBF, then you are at the right spot. For the convenience of our visitors, we have arranged all textbooks by FBISE in a well organized manner. So, that our visitors can download these books without any hassle from a super fast downloading server.

Please choose your desired content from below:

Ustad360 provides FBISE board books of all subjects and all levels including Primary, Secondary, Matric and Intermediate Levels. We have uploaded more than 100 text books of federal board. Most of these books were scanned and unofficially uploaded by different educational websites. We have shared these books under OER law just for educational purposes.

We have tried our best to collect recent editions of Federal FBISE text books in PDF. Currently uploaded editions are fully supported for upcoming exams. Whenever there will be a change in the book, we will try to upload new edition at the earliest. Instead of updating editions annually, we only update editions when there are significant changes in the book. Or when previous editions are outdated and are not usable for current exams preparations. So, don’t worry about recent editions and enjoy the reading.

FBISE Text Books & eBooks 2024

From one class to FSc. Level, we have complete FIBSE text books collection, available on schoolzi, including:

  • Class One FIBSE Text Books.
  • Two Class Federal Textbooks PDF.
  • Class 3 Federal Board Books PDF.
  • Class 4 FBISE Text Books.
  • Class 5 Federal Textbooks 2024.
  • Updated Text Books by FBISE for Class 6.
  • 2024 New Edition FBISE Textbooks Class 7.
  • Eighth Class FBISE NBF Textbooks 2024.
  • Matric Part 1 FBISE National Book Foundation Textbooks.
  • Matriculation Part 2 (Class 10) FBISE Books.
  • FSc Part 1 Textbooks Federal Board.
  • Inter Part 2 FBISE PDF Textbooks

All Subjects Federal Text Books PDF

As mentioned earlier, we have uploaded all relevant subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Urdu, Science, Computer, Geography, History, Statistics, Arabic, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, General Knowledge and other subjects) Federal FBISE Textbooks PDF for each class. But still if you don’t find any subject book, you may ask about it through our contact page. We shall try to upload your required book at the earliest, whenever we managed to get the PDF.

Although, we have tried to minimize all sorts of mistakes. But if you find any mistake in any of the notes, books or study resources, feel free to contact us on [email protected].

Credit for this books collection goes to and all relevant authors, publishers & boards.

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  1. Please upload PDF FSC in medical technology books for federal board Dispensing technology medical lab technician MLT OOT MIT RIT books etc.

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