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9th Class Notes9th Class Urdu Notes

9th Urdu Notes PDF (Lessons, Poems, Ghazal)

Download 9th Class Urdu Notes for Punjab Notes


Download Matric Part 1 (9th Class) Urdu all chapters notes in PDF for both English & Urdu Medium students. Now Punjab boards class 9 Urdu mcqs, chapter notes, tashree, short questions, grammar notes, khulasa and MCQs of all poems, lessons and ghazals best helping notes are available on a single webpage.

If you are looking for best helping notes for Matric 9th Class Urdu, then you are at the right spot. We have prepared complete chapter-wise notes of Class 9 Urdu for both Urdu and English Medium students. Our study notes are according to Punjab Boards latest syllabus and curriculum.

Please choose your desired notes from below:


Hisa Nasar (حصہ نثر)

Sabaq 1 - Hijrat E Nabvi PBUH

Sabaq 2 - Mirza Ghalib k Adaat wa Khasail

Sabaq 3 - Khahili

Sabaq 4 - Shairoon k latifay

Sabaq 5 - Nasuh aur Saleem ki Ghuftagoo

Sabaq 6 - Panchait

Sabaq 7 - Aaram or sukoon

Sabaq 8 - Lahu or Qaleen

Sabaq 9 - Imtihan

Sabaq 10 - Mulki Prinday aur Dosray Janwar

Sabaq 11 - Qadar E Ayaz

Sabaq 12 - Hosla Na Haro Aagy Barho Manzil Ab K Door Nahi


Hisa Nazam (حصہ نظم)

Nazam 1: Hamd

Nazam 2: Naat

Nazam 3: Barsat ki Baharain

Nazam 4: Pevesta Reh Shajar Sy Umeed Bahar Rakh


Hisa Ghazal (حصہ غزل)

Ghazal 1: Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai

Ghazal 2: Roh o Zulf Par Jaan Khoya Kya

Ghazal 3: Dil e Nadan Tujy Huwa Kya Hai?

Ghazal 4: Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera Ujry Dayar Mein


If you are a student of BISE Gujranwala, BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Sahiwal, BISE DG Khan and BISE Bahawalpur, then no need to go anywhere else. We have best Punjab boards notes for you including “Matric Part 1 Urdu Notes – Class 9th PDF“. These notes are very helpful for students to secure good marks in final examination. A team of senior students and teachers is continuously working on the quality and standard of notes and helping material of our website.

Matric Class 9 Urdu Notes PDF

A student can’t learn all the topics from text book because the text books provided by Punjab Text Book Board (PTB) are very brief. For detailed study, a student needs some helping books or helping notes. We provide helping notes of all subjects of Matric (9th & 10th) and Intermediate (11th & 12th).

We provide study notes of all subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Urdu, English, Islamiat, Pak studies. These notes are in pdf format which you can easily preview or download. To view these notes online, there must be a pdf viewer installed on your device.

Introduction to 9th Urdu Notes:

There are 20 chapters in this book and our best team of experts has worked hard to make their solution suitable and easy solution for the students so that it help them and lead them to secure good marks in exams. These notes are totally free for everyone. Our notes includes:

  • 9th Class Urdu MCQs Notes
  • Matric Part 1 Urdu Khulasa Notes
  • 9th Urdu Grammar Notes
  • Class 9th Urdu Full Chapter Notes
  • Matric 9th Urdu Ghazal Tashree
  • 9th Urdu Poems / Nazam Tashree

Summary of Class 9 Urdu Notes:

  • Lesson 1: Hijrat Nabvi PBUH (ہجرت نبوی ﷺ)
  • Lesson 2: Mirza Ghalib k Adaat wa Khasail
  • Lesson 3: Khahili
  • Lesson 4: Shairoon k latifay
  • Lesson 5: Nasuh or Saleem ki ghuftagoo
  • Lesson 6: Panchait
  • Lesson 7: Aaram or sukoon
  • Lesson 8: Lahu or Qaleen
  • Lesson 9: Imtihan
  • Lesson 10: Mulki prinday or dosary janwar
  • Lesson 11: Qadar E Ayaz
  • Lesson 12: Hosla na haro aagy barho manzil ab k door nahi
  • Poem 1: Hamd
  • Poem 2: Naat
  • Poem 3: Barsat ki Baharain
  • Poem 4: Pevesta Rah Shajar sy umeed bahar rakh
  • Ghazal 1: Hasti apni Habab ki si hai
  • Ghazal 2: Roh o Zulf Par Jaan Khoya Kya
  • Ghazal 3: Dil e Nadan tujy Huwa kya hai?
  • Ghazal 4: Lagta Nahin hai Dil mera Ujry Dayar mein

We have been working for the help of students since 2017. With the passage of time, many senior students and teachers have joined our team to become the part of this noble cause. They provide us notes and helping material to share with public. As different persons are notes provider so there may be a chance of mistake in some notes. Although it happens rarely, but if you find some mistake in the helping material, you can report it at [email protected].

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